Simply Beautiful

Katie aka Fancy That Cake was not a cake decorator who learned to draw and sculpt but an artist who learned to bake!

Free Cake Sketches

A free service I bet you won’t find too many other places, Katie or the cake boss of Southeast Missouri as I like to call her will work 1-on-1 with any customer that desires a sketch of your cake to get a real live visual of what your cake is going to look.

The Wee Hours..

FTC cakes don’t come with set hours so Katie will work into the wee hours if it takes to make your cake… well YOURS .

for a Cake as Unique as YOU are…FTC

  • is located in Jackson, MO
  • will deliver up to a 4-hour radius of Southeast, MO
  • offers a free sketch of your cake for design purposes.
  • will make you cake look and taste amazing no matter how long it takes!
  • will work with you by phone, by email, by Facebook, and by text!
  • Contact Fancy That Cake today to book us for your next amazing event!
3D Kitty Cat Cake
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What's so Fancy about Fancy That Cake anyways?

Check out out complete gallery of cake images FTC has ever made!
Gallery of Cakes
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